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Community Safety as an HOA Priority

Community Safety as an HOA Priority
  • February 7, 2020
  • Blog

Tips to Improve Community Safety in Your HOA

Homeowners often choose to move to homeowner association (HOA) neighborhoods to take advantage of the community amenities and benefits, including better safety. The HOA board of directors is obliged to ensure the decisions they make always address the safety of homeowners. From adhering to association by-laws to maintaining public lighting to reviewing safety procedures, there are a variety of topics that should be considered at meetings to assure community safety.

Many associations already have procedures in place on how to manage unexpected incidents, such as fires, winter weather conditions, and injuries in community spaces. It is also recommended that associations have procedures in place on how to create a safe community for all residents.

Four Steps for Better Community Safety

Here are four recommended steps that boards can take to increase community safety for residents.

Create & review security procedures annually.

If an HOA doesn’t already have security procedures in place, now is the time to create them. Review resident concerns and complaints from the past few years to identify areas that need addressing. Board members can present solutions for these security issues at a meeting and vote on which measures should be implemented. If board members don’t have experience creating procedures, working with a management company, such as AR Management, may be the better solution.

Connect with local law enforcement.

Having a positive relationship with local law enforcement and government agencies is crucial to community safety. These local agencies will be primarily responsible for updating or repairing traffic lights, signs, roads, and walkways, as well as patrolling the community to help minimize suspicious or criminal activity.

Encourage the right culture.

In general, the closer neighbors are, the safer the community is. People will always look out for their friends and neighbors. Encourage healthy relationships by hosting community gatherings to give neighbors a chance to get to know one another better.

Educate community members.

Sometimes, homeowners need more information about community safety and security. Distribute monthly updates or newsletters on initiatives taken to improve safety. Discuss issues that have been brought to the board’s attention, in addition to helpful tips on precautions that homeowners can take on their own to increase safety. This information can also be shared via community social media or texting platforms to reach homeowners in a timelier fashion.

For additional advice on community safety, contact AR Management. We focus on assisting associations in creating and managing secure community environments.

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