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HOA Pools (6 Reopening Tips)

HOA Pools (6 Reopening Tips)

How to Reopen HOA Pools for Summer

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many HOAs will begin to reopen their pools. If your HOA pool has been closed and you’re looking for the best tips on how to reopen it, don’t worry—we’re here to help guide you through the process. Follow these simple steps, and your association will be swimming in no time!

Step 1: Hire a Vendor

Most HOAs hire a pool vendor to get the pool ready for the summer season. They’ll perform regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure the pool is safe for homeowners to swim in.

Step 2: Remove the Pool Cover

During the cooler months, dirt, debris, and excess water can build up on the pool’s cover. Have your pool vendor remove the debris and water off the cover before removing it from the pool. Then once the cover is removed, instruct the vendor to store it properly in a safe and dry location like a maintenance shed.

Step 3: Check the Equipment & Pool

Once the cover has been safely removed, instruct the pool vendor to check the pool equipment to ensure it’s in good working condition. This includes things like the filter, pump, heater, automatic vacuum, and other essential equipment. Once the equipment has been examined, have them reconnect all disconnected equipment. From here, have the vendor check the inside of the pool for any noticeable damages and unwanted debris. If any area of the pool or equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, now is the time to do it.

Step 4: Clean the Pool

Once everything is up and running, you’ll need to give the pool a good cleaning. Have the pool vendor vacuum the bottom of the pool and scrub its sides and steps. Also, instruct them to replace the pool filters to ensure they’re ready for opening day and the summer season.

Step 5: Shock the Pool

After the pool is clean and ready to go, it’s time to shock it and add some chlorine. This will ensure all bacteria are killed, and the water is safe to swim in.

Step 6: Reopen the Pool

When the pool has been tested and deemed safe to swim in, it’s time to reopen it to the community. Consider assigning pool tags to homeowners so you can ensure only they and their guests can access the pool during the summer season. Before reopening, be sure to review pool hours of operation and staffing needs for lifeguards and pool attendants.

Let AR Management Help Your HOA this Summer

AR Management ensures HOA pools are well maintained and ease the process of managing pool reopenings. Contact AR Management to get started.

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