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HOA Springtime Landscaping [4 Benefits]

HOA Springtime Landscaping [4 Benefits]
  • March 15, 2022
  • Blog

4 Benefits of HOA Springtime Landscaping

As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, it’s time for community managers to start thinking about springtime landscaping. This includes evaluating all common areas, arranging for maintenance on the grounds, planning for plantings and pruning, or removal of trees and shrubbery. By taking care of these tasks early in the season, you can ensure that your community will look great throughout the year.

Let’s look at the benefits HOA springtime landscaping brings to your community association.

Develop Vendor Arrangements

The beginning of spring is a great time for HOA boards to make arrangements with vendors to service their community. Boards should hire contractors and landscapers to clean up common areas, mow lawns, and plant and trim trees, flowers, and shrubbery. It’s common to find HOA’s hiring an arborist, landscape designer, and other specialists to ensure their community is well-kept and maintained.

Create Curb Appeal

Spring HOA landscaping makes your community association look more attractive. This is essential in maintaining property values and attracting new homeowners. It also helps create positive first impressions when guests visit or attend events hosted at your association’s clubhouse.

Increase Safety

Over the winter season, trees, bushes, and common areas can become damaged from heavy snow, wind, and rain. That’s why it’s essential to hire vendors to address these potential hazards and remove loose branches or overgrown bushes that might obstruct walkways and create tripping risks. By ensuring these hazards are removed, you’ll increase the safety of your community.

Attract Wildlife

Spring landscaping is an excellent way to attract friendly wildlife back into your community. By planting flowers and bushes, trimming branches, and mowing landscapes, you’ll find birds, bees, and other wildlife coming to visit the community. This will add to the beauty of your community and provide some entertainment for homeowners.

Need Help with HOA Landscaping?

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