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How to Boost Homeowner Engagement Online

How to Boost Homeowner Engagement Online
  • June 14, 2022
  • Blog

3 Ways Neighborhood Connections Boosts Homeowner Engagement

Did you know that homeowner engagement is one of the most important aspects of an HOA? It can be tough to get homeowners involved, but Neighborhood Connections makes it easy! AR Management’s leading management software provides a platform for homeowners to communicate with each other, their property manager, and their HOA board. This helps keep everyone informed and engaged in the community. Here are three key Neighborhood Connections features that help increase homeowner engagement.

1. Individual Portals

Neighborhood Connections provides homeowners with their own portal that’s connected to their HOA. These portals give homeowners the ability to:

  • View account information
  • Pay HOA dues
  • Update contact information and family members
  • Access documents
  • Submit service requests

Having these features available makes it easy for homeowners to stay engaged in their community.

2. “My Community” Bulletin Board

Another way Neighborhood Connections helps boost homeowner engagement is by offering the “My Community” bulletin board. Within the bulletin board, homeowners can stay informed about upcoming events in the community, including:

  • Social events
  • Community activities
  • Recreational hours
  • Board meetings
  • Emergency action items
  • Scheduled repairs
  • Hazards
  • Snow removal services

3.  Integrated Communication Tools

For homeowners, having the ability to communicate with board members in an HOA is essential. Neighborhood Connections supports this by offering integrated communication tools that make communication easy and efficient. These tools include email and text communications, web conferencing, and service tickets.

Boost Homeowner Engagement with Neighborhood Connections

Request a proposal and demo online or call AR Management at (973) 605-2775 to find out how Neighborhood Connections can boost homeowner engagement in your HOA.

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