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HOA Snow Removal Contracts: What You Need to Know

HOA Snow Removal Contracts: What You Need to Know
  • January 26, 2021
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Key Differences Between Snow Removal Contracts in an HOA

Does your HOA have a snow removal contract? If you’re a board member, it is vital to ensure your HOA has a good contract with a reliable snow removal vendor before the snowstorm hits.

There are three types of snow removal contracts that an HOA can sign with a snow removal vendor. These contracts determine the service’s cost, when the vendor will remove the snow, and where they will plow. The three types of snow removal contracts are:

  • Per Push: This means that the HOA will pay the snow removal vendor each time there is a snow event that requires their services. Per push contracts are great for smaller associations to help keep costs down. Typically, the vendor will only remove the snow when there is 2 or more inches on the ground.
  • Seasonal Contract: These kinds of contracts typically extend for two to three years. They will allow the HOA to pay the same amount for the same time frame each year, regardless of the number of times the snow removal company’s services are required. Seasonal contracts work best for larger associations.
  • Full-Service Seasonal Contract: Pre-treatments are common with this type of arrangement. Full-service seasonal contracts cover all snow events for one price and often cover more in terms of areas such as parking lots and walkways.

Tips for Hiring a Snow Removal Company

Understanding the key differences each snow removal contract offers helps your HOA determine which service works best. When determined, an HOA should look carefully at hiring the right snow removal vendor. Here are three factors to consider when choosing a trustworthy vendor.

Do Your Research

Read reviews and check references. The last thing you want is the best price in town and no service. Make sure the company that you hire is reputable. Often, landscaping companies used for summer jobs offer a snow removal service in the winter. This may be a great option to utilize as you already have a relationship with the company. Also, you might be able to get a better deal by signing up for services year-round.

Read the Contract Carefully

It is vital to read the snow removal contract carefully. Contracts should state the areas where snow is to be cleared and where the snow should be moved. Be aware of how long the vendor has to provide snow removal service after the storm has stopped and how many inches of snow has to fall before service is provided.

Be Clear with Residents

Residents should be aware of what is and is not the responsibility of the HOA. As temperatures fall and before the snow starts, send out a reminder or add a section to your newsletter reminding residents of their specific responsibilities, such as clearing sidewalks and driveways. It would help if you also clarified how long they have to accomplish this after a snow event.

It is important to let homeowners know what to expect from the snow removal company you hired. Make it clear how long it will be after the snow has stopped falling before expecting to see the company take care of things like parking lots, walkways, or common areas. If there will be any parking changes due to snow removal, it is vital to clarify that.

Final Considerations

As with so many things in management, transparency is the key to success. Ensuring that everyone is prepared and well informed will make managing any weather event much more straightforward for everyone involved.

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