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Spring Maintenance Inspection

Spring Maintenance Inspection

Here’s Your Spring Maintenance Checklist!

When it comes to our four beautiful seasons, spring is usually the favorite. After a long and frigid winter, we welcome the sunshine and warm temperatures, hoping to make up for lost time outdoors. With the harsh elements of winter behind us, it’s customary to jump into some spring maintenance and repair.

Homeowners Association (HOA) communities should have a spring checklist of their own. Board members and/or management companies should kickstart a maintenance inspection annually to survey any damages made to the community, ensuring members get to enjoy the full benefits of condo living. Here are some key areas which usually require a little TLC after the winter months.

Shared Community Amenities

Parking lots, community pools, and picnic areas are just a few amenities offered by associations which experience heavy traffic throughout the year. Safety issues may include uneven pavement, potholes, broken gates, or other damage that can increase the risk of injury. Identifying and rectifying these issues earlier on will keep your community members safe and happy.

Key Building Components

Windows, roofing, gutters, heating, and cooling systems are another set of critical components that require an annual inspection. Under some circumstances, professionals should be brought in to handle these types of inspections. However, you can still do a walk around of the property to look for missing shingles, broken downspouts, or detached siding. Before community members find an issue – try and find them first.

Landscaping Areas

Schedule a meeting with your landscaper to review the existing needs of the community. Spring is typically the time to plant flowers, add mulch, trim bushes, and weed community areas. If you have an existing contract with a landscape company, now is also the time to review the agreement and assure the landscaper is meeting their contract obligations.

Common Areas

In addition to amenities, there are other common areas that community members utilize, such as lobbies and interior hallways. Look for chipping or peeling paint, signs of water leaks, ripped carpet, or broken fixtures. Maintaining a beautiful interior shows members you are invested in the community and the people in it.

Review Existing Maintenance Contracts

Many HOAs utilize third-party vendors to take care of maintenance tasks. All contracts should be reviewed this time of year to look for areas of improvement, new services, and making sure the contractor is meeting all outlined expectations in the agreement. If you are unhappy with a vendor, estimates should be requested from new companies before renewing a contract.

A successful spring maintenance program focuses on the safety and welfare of community members, along with preventative maintenance to ensure the well-being of the community’s assets. If your HOA needs assistance with ongoing property maintenance, contact the team at AR Management today!

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