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Putting “Community” in Condo Community Living

Putting “Community” in Condo Community Living
  • March 13, 2020
  • Blog

Tips for Getting Residents Active Within the Condo Community

Some individuals choose to live in a condo community over other living options in order to gain a sense of community and safety. For residents to get the most out of condo living, they need to invest their time in the community. However, once residents become acclimated in their new dwelling, they often get caught up in their daily life and forgo participating in community events.

If your board is looking for ways to encourage residents to be active in your condo community, here are our best tips:

Take advantage of your website, social media, and newsletter.

In today’s world, individuals rely on the Internet for their news, shopping, and community updates. Associations that don’t already have a website should consider creating one for residents, in addition to utilizing social media and community newsletters. Use these resources to announce upcoming meetings, events, and community project updates so residents are aware of what is happening and can plan to participate in advance.

Schedule community events.

One of the easiest ways to increase resident engagement is to host community events and gatherings, in addition to meetings. Social activities give community members a chance to connect and get to know one another and are often a welcomed break from busy schedules. Consider hosting picnics, holiday events, movie screenings, and game nights that encourage conversation and spark new friendships. Once residents make new friends, they are more likely to continue participating in community events and projects.

Recruit a welcoming committee.

While exciting, moving to a new area is also hard for many, because they left behind neighbors they already knew. Moving into a community association can be more challenging because there is much to learn about rules and regulations. Having a welcoming committee to help new residents is a great way to keep them informed and help them make new connections with other residents.

Advertise volunteer opportunities.

Community associations sometimes lack help because residents don’t know they can volunteer. Publicize any volunteer opportunities online, in community areas, and at events to encourage more active volunteers.

If the board currently doesn’t offer volunteer opportunities, now is a great time to start committees and delegate some of the administrative or research tasks. Committee ideas include events, neighborhood watch, neighborhood welcome, and homeowner education.

Show appreciation to volunteers.

Don’t forget to show appreciation to volunteers once committees are in place to help ensure they remain active in the role. In addition to retaining volunteers, showing appreciation is a great way to attract new volunteers as well.

Engagement in a condo community is beneficial. Use these tips to help increase resident engagement today. For additional assistance with community management and resident relationships, contact AR Management to learn more about the services we offer associations like yours!

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