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HOA Online Payment Platform for Your Homeowners

HOA Online Payment Platform for Your Homeowners
  • December 28, 2021
  • Blog

4 Advantages of AR Management’s HOA Online Payment Platform

With the advancement of technology, many HOAs are seeking to transition to an online collection process. If your HOA board is ready to move away from collecting paper statements and dues, AR Managements patent-pending platform—Neighborhood Connections—may be suitable for your operations.

Here are four advantages of using Neighborhood Connections as your HOA’s online payment platform.

Easy to Process Dues

Using an HOA online payment platform allows boards to collect dues from homeowners more efficiently. Homeowners will have their own secure and encrypted portal to pay and submit their dues directly to the community association. Here, information is organized for boards to review and approve.

Keeps Payments Organized

Electronic payments made through Neighborhood Connections are kept organized securely online. Each transaction will come with an electronic record for homeowners and boards to view and store for safekeeping.

Always Accessible

Neighborhood Connections can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Homeowners and boards can use the HOA online payment platform from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

Reduces Late Payments

Since payments are made online, homeowners can conveniently access the platform and pay their dues on time, even up until the last second. They’ll no longer have to rush to send their payments by mail. Instead, they can log in to their portal and make a secure payment.

Manage Your HOA Online Payments with Ease

Simplify your HOA online payments with AR Management’s leading management platform, Neighborhood Connections. Contact us today to request a free proposal.

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