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HOA Online Voting: Is it Worth It?

HOA Online Voting: Is it Worth It?
  • September 21, 2021
  • Blog

Why HOA Online Voting Benefits Board Members & the Community

Voting in an HOA can be a very time-consuming process for homeowners and board members. To help streamline the voting process, board members can implement HOA online voting with management platforms like Neighborhood Connections.

Let’s look at the benefits of why HOA online voting benefits your community.


HOA online voting is an efficient way for homeowners and board members to review amendments, issues, and candidates on the ballot. They’re given time to study each ballot and can cast their vote from the comfort of their home.


When homeowners and board members cast their vote, they want to know their information is secure and protected. HOA online voting allows board members and homeowners to vote instantly and efficiently within an encrypted management platform.


Homeowners and board members will be able to see all items listed on the ballet, including budgets, projects, assessments, and various confidential issues.

Saves Time

Boards members and homeowners no longer need to rush to the polls to cast their vote on election day. Instead, they can vote online when they are available during the election period.

Audit Trail

Every process of HOA online voting with management platforms like Neighborhood Connections is tracked and recorded. As a result, the online election process can satisfy stringent audit requirements.


Keeping track of the ballots that are handed in can be a tedious process. HOA online voting provides a pleasant experience for administrators, homeowners, and board members. Voters can go within their assigned secure portals and cast their votes. The encrypted online voting system will then tally up the votes to help alleviate the hassle of having administrators do it by hand.

HOA Online Voting for Your Community

Ready to implement online voting in your HOA? AR Management’s HOA management platform—Neighborhood Connections—offers boards of all sizes a secure online voting system for homeowners and members to cast their votes. Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more.

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