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Winter Is Coming: What to Expect for Snow Maintenance

Winter Is Coming: What to Expect for Snow Maintenance
  • January 21, 2019
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Snow Maintenance: What Should I Expect?

As the winter heads our way, the anticipation of snow comes with it. It’s wise to prepare for the snow before it comes, and know the logistics regarding its removal. Families and individuals living in a condominium or townhouse serve as a part of a whole. As part of the community, following the proper guidelines of the present Homeowners Association (HOA) is essential. The HOA prioritizes safety for the residents and property, and when it comes to snow, both the HOA and residents must do their part to ensure efficient practices of snow maintenance. Typically, snow maintenance guidelines are standard in community living, although some regulations may vary.

Here are some general preparation and expectation guidelines related to snow maintenance.


Keep Cars Off The Street

In order for the snow removal crew to efficiently do its job, it’s important to move cars off the street before it snows. Leaving the car on the street is disruptive to the removal process, and will leave a bigger trace of snow on the street for the following days. Plus, salt and plows have the potential to damage cars.

Check Your Personal HOA Guidelines

It’s standard that the HOA tackles the necessities of snow removal tasks, but at the same time, every community is different. Catch up on the resident responsibilities by checking in with present HOA reps or management company. In the event of a snowfall, no one wants to be left unprepared.

Be A Good Neighbor

It goes without saying that residents should be a good neighbor during periods of snow, especially living in a centralized community. Tasks can be as simple as informing neighbors of regulations or reminding them of proper safety and preparation tactics, such as moving the car off the street. If a fellow community member is in distress due to the snowfall, do not hesitate to contact your HOA and necessary emergency officials.


The HOA Plays Its Part

Luckily, living in an HOA community comes with its perks, like being exempt from snow removal in most cases. A portion of the fee you pay to the HOA typically goes toward this service. Therefore, it’s safe to assume snow removal will be taken care of in a timely, professional manner as outlined by the HOA to keep community members’ lives on track.

Salted Sidewalks

Salting sidewalks and roads is another necessary component of the snow removal process. In most cases, salting occurs before and after a snowfall. If salt has yet to be laid on surrounding streets, exercise caution and avoid driving if possible. Without the necessary protection, icy roads pose a dangerous threat.

Outsourced Snow Removal

As mentioned previously, a portion of your condo or maintenance fees to the HOA typically go toward snow removal. It’s likely that the association will outsource this to a snow removal company. Hiring professionals is the best way to quickly and thoroughly complete snow removal. Even more, an outsourced company will have well thought out logistics for the removal process. These plans should strategically tackle removal, starting with the most important areas for safety to satisfy the community.

Remember, preparation and knowledge is the key to tackling any obstacle that heads your way. If you have any questions about snow removal practices for living communities, feel free to reach out to our team at AR Management Company. The safety of condominium residents and owners is at the core of what we do and we’re experienced in how to get the job done right.

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