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Following HOA Rules

Following HOA Rules
  • December 20, 2019
  • Blog

5 Ways You Can Help Homeowners Follow HOA Rules

It is common for homeowner associations (HOAs) to have rules in place for residents to follow. The goals of these HOA rules are typically to encourage a positive community, maintain property values, and create a safe neighborhood. While the intentions are good, some homeowners may overlook their helpful nature.

How Boards Can Help Homeowners Follow HOA Rules

When homeowners fail to follow the rules, HOA boards may see an increase in the number of violations and fines being issued. Having to manage these violations can cause stress and resentment from homeowners. No matter the size of the HOA community, there are steps associations can take to help homeowners with HOA rules.

Educate homeowners.

There is power in knowledge, and some homeowners may not realize they are breaking the rules. HOAs should consider publishing rules online, highlighting common violations, and why rules are in effect on community social media pages and in newsletters.

Audit rules annually to assure fairness.

What was reasonable ten years ago may not be reasonable today. It is recommended that HOA boards audit their rules annually to ensure they are reasonable and fair expectations for homeowners to follow.

Hold all homeowners accountable.

If a board wants homeowners to take them seriously, they must hold every homeowner accountable. Inconsistency will only lead to a lack of respect and an increase in rule violations because the board is sending the message that it is okay for some.

Follow the governing documents.

Before issuing a violation, board members must understand the governing documents. These documents outline what steps the board should take when reacting to a complaint or violation, what the homeowner’s rights are, and what expectations they can place on the violator. Not following the guidelines creates potential legal ramifications and additional issues for the board to manage.

Avoid creating new rules too often.

When a board is quick to react to a problem or complaint in the community with a new rule, homeowners will consider them to be petty. Instead, listen to the voices in the community, weigh the pros and cons, and determine if the new rule would benefit all community members rather than a select few.

For additional help on enforcing HOA rules, contact AR Management. Our focus is on assisting associations with their community management needs.

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