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Effective Landscaping for Your HOA

Effective Landscaping for Your HOA
  • March 20, 2020
  • Blog

5 Ways Your HOA Can Save on Landscaping

The arrival of spring means summer is just around the corner, and an ideal time for homeowner associations (HOAs) to start planning community landscaping projects. One of the challenges that HOA boards face is finding a reputable company that falls within their budget. Since many communities have significant landscaping needs, it is suggested that they put the effort in now to ensure their landscaping goals are met this year.

Save money on landscaping

Here are seven ways HOA’s can save money on landscaping projects without sacrificing quality work.

Request multiple proposals.

Choosing to work with the first landscaping company that submits a proposal can be one of the costliest decisions your board makes. Instead, request landscaping proposals from three to four local landscapers with positive reputations. This allows you to compare multiple prices, services, and recommendations before choosing the company that can meet your needs.

Publish a landscaping plan for community residents.

Once you hire a reputable landscaper, the next step is to work with them to create a community landscaping plan. The plan should include regular mowing, trimming, pruning, and weeding. Make sure the plan is published and easily accessible by community members, so they know when certain community areas will be tended to.

Team up with the other HOAs.

Contact other HOA boards to gauge their interest in teaming up to find a landscaper. Depending on the size and where the community is located, there may be an option to team up with other nearby associations. If multiple locations in a similar area need the same services at the same time, a landscaper may be willing to discount their services if they receive more than one contract for the year.

Focus on the most visible areas.

While the best-case scenario is finding a landscaper that falls within budget, that may be a challenge. An alternative solution is to identify which areas are most important to the community. For instance, the neighborhood entrance and community park are two areas that should always look their best. Focusing more on areas with heavier traffic may be the best use of an HOA’s budget.

Research plant types.

All plants and flowers are not created equal. It is a good idea to research plant types before finalizing landscaping plans. A professional will be able to offer recommendations for native plants that are used in the local climate that won’t require too much ongoing maintenance. Another way to save money in the long term is by planting perennials that return yearly, instead of buying new plants every spring.

Need help finding a reputable landscaping contractor that fits within your budget, contact AR Management today to see how we can help you!

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