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Creating an HOA Continuity Plan for Your Community

Creating an HOA Continuity Plan for Your Community

Does your HOA board have a continuity plan?

One of the most important tools any HOA board can have for their community is a continuity plan. This allows board members, residents, and the community to continue operations as usual without any issues during unplanned disruptions. But, to have an effective HOA continuity plan, it’s essential to look towards moving business operations online into one management platform such as Neighborhood Connections.

Through AR Management’s proprietary/patent pending platform Neighborhood Connections, board members can manage multiple tasks online throughout their HOA and ensure residents stay informed on any changes or news updates. This creates an easy to access HOA continuity plan that keeps community operations organized effectively when disruptive issues occur.

Let’s examine the key benefits of an online HOA continuity plan for board members and their community.

4 Benefits of an Online HOA Continuity Plan for Your Community

Accounting Integration

When board members use Neighborhood Connections as their community’s online continuity plan, they’re able to integrate all accounting documents and financials into one place. As a result, board members can track and access any accounting document that they need, review and approve vendor invoices, or review budgets and financial statements with ease.

Easy File Access

During times of disruption, it’s vital to ensure key documents are readily available. An online HOA continuity plan stores documents in a secure and encrypted environment that can be instantaneously accessed and viewed. Important documents that can be stored in Neighborhood Connections include:

  • Bylaws
  • Governing documents
  • Resolutions
  • Budgets
  • Financial statements
  • Approved projects
  • Invoices

Keep Homeowners Informed

When bad weather occurs, board members can notify homeowners on crucial updates through email and/or text communication or by posting announcements to the “My Community” bulletin board. Board members can also create calendar events on the “My Community” bulletin board, such as scheduled repairs, hazards, snow removal, and emergency action items that all residents of the community can view.

Reliable Web Conferencing

During periods of disruption, it’s important for board members to quickly gather and discuss plans on how to solve the issue. Neighborhood Connections has an online web conferencing tool that provides board members with the ability to schedule and hold meetings through video.

Manage Your Community with Ease

HOA boards that partner with AR Management Company will help establish business continuity throughout their HOA and bring their community closer together. Connect with AR Management to schedule a consultation and request a free demo of Neighborhood Connections today.

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