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Share Your Space: Being a Good Neighbor In Your Community

Share Your Space: Being a Good Neighbor In Your Community
  • January 14, 2019
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Tips on Being a Good Neighbor in your HOA

Neighborhoods have seen significant transformations over the past ten, twenty, and fifty years. There was once a time when owners knew everybody that lived on the same street or in the same building. In recent years, that expectation has changed significantly. While most individuals don’t choose their home based on the neighbors, being a good neighbor is important when living in a condominium or homeowner’s association.

Whether or not homeowners have lived in a condo community before, living close to multiple neighbors and new neighbors is an adjustment. Here are six tips on being a good neighbor.

Be Social

After a long day at work, one of the last things homeowners may want to do is talk to neighbors. However, taking a minute to say hi and ask about their day goes a long way in making individuals seem friendly. Rushing inside quickly without a wave can leave neighbors thinking you are not friendly.

Respect Noise Levels

Noise level rules vary depending on the condo association by-laws. A good rule of thumb is to keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm. Before that, owners should still be courteous if they are outside or hosting a party to not become disruptive to neighbors.

Clean up After Pets

Whether condo owners have a private yard or take their dogs for a walk in the community, it is essential that they clean up after their pet. Leaving animal waste behind is far from neighborly and can result in fines.

Offer Assistance

As nice as it is to think homeowners can handle any project on their own, the truth is everybody needs help from time to time. The best way to show neighbors you care is to offer assistance when they are working on big projects or even to watch their house when they go out of town. By looking out for others, they are more inclined to look out for you when you need it most.

Park in Designated Area

Most condo communities have designated parking areas or some kind of parking regulations. Owners should stick to parking in their assigned spots and avoid taking a neighbor’s spot at all times.


Communication goes a long way and can prevent misunderstandings from becoming bigger problems. Notify neighbors in advance when you plan on hosting parties, so they are aware of extra vehicles and potential noise. If you are upset about something, take the time to talk with neighbors so a solution can be made before the disagreement gets out of control.

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