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The Role of an HOA Management Company

The Role of an HOA Management Company

A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is made up of some combination of condominiums, townhouses, or single-unit homes that share the cost of maintaining the community grounds and amenities and agree to follow established covenants, conditions, and restrictions set by the community’s governing documents.


Who is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the community, the collection of HOA fees, and who sets the budget for the HOA community? Who hires the staff of workers and contractors? Who handles the purchase of insurance contracts for said community?

A group of volunteers, known as the board of directors or community trustees elected by the community-at-large, has the responsibility of ensuring the set standards and responsibilities for living in the community. While it is the responsibility of the volunteer board of directors to run the association, they most often do not have the time to oversee the management of the daily HOA activities. The HOA board of directors usually brings in the assistance of a property management company, such as AR Management, to oversee such management.

While it may seem to some that management is the big bad wolf, the truth is that the property manager and support staff are facilitators on behalf of the association reporting to the board of directors. Let us debunk a few common myths on this topic.

Debunking 3 Myths Surrounding Property Management Companies

Myth #1: Property Management Companies Make the Rules and Establish Community Policies.

It is important to recognize that a property management firm is ultimately a facilitator on behalf of the HOA. Management knows its role is to assist the board in managing and governing effectively. While it may seem like management is responsible for that violation letter or annoying request for proof of insurance or dryer vent cleaning, in actuality they are carrying out the policies, rules, and decisions implemented by the board or required by your HOA governing documents.

Myth #2: Property Management Companies Never Respond or Take Forever to Respond.

As a facilitator on behalf of an HOA board, there are many things that a property management company can answer or handle. Sometimes however there are questions that can only be answered by the board or require a board decision. In these instances, a fast response may not be possible. It is important to recognize that an inquiry may require board response and may even need to wait until the next scheduled board meeting.

Myth #3: Property Management Firms Are Only Concerned with Making Money from HOA Communities.

Property managers, such as the team at AR Management Company, are certified professionals trained in community and project management, dedicated to building relationships between the homeowners of the community and the board of directors, and ultimately committed to guiding an HOA to success. The primary concern of a professional property manager and his or her support team is facilitating the needs of the association efficiently and effectively to ensure the lifestyle residents expect.

If you’re ready to put some of these myths to rest, why not learn more about how a property management company could benefit your HOA? Contact us today to learn more!

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