HOA Documents Online [4 Benefits]
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HOA Documents Online [4 Benefits]

HOA Documents Online [4 Benefits]
  • October 29, 2021
  • Blog

4 Benefits of Automating HOA Documents Online

Does your board rely on paper documents? If yes, you may want to consider the benefits of automating your HOA documents online with a management platform like Neighborhood Connections. Here are four ways an HOA management platform helps improve your board documents.


[H2] All in One Place

Automating your HOA documents online with a management platform allows you to store and organize them in one secure place. This lets board members flexibly access board documents easily from their home, office, or on the go.


Increased Transparency

When your HOA documents are stored in an online management platform, transparency is increased between board members and homeowners. Board members can easily view bylaws, governing documents, resolutions, budgets, financial statements, approved projects, and invoices. They can also share unique permissions with homeowners to view documents related to their property or rental.



Moving your HOA documents online into a management platform promotes boards to collaborate more. Board members will no longer have to rely on sending numerous emails back and forth with documentation. Instead, they’ll be able to upload any HOA document directly into their unique portal for members and/or homeowners to view instantly. From here, real-time communication can take place where boards and homeowners can share their thoughts and feedback.


Secured & Protected

As a board member, it’s vital to ensure HOA documents are protected. When you automate your HOA documents online in a management platform, they’re stored in an encrypted and secured environment that’s backed by servers in safe locations.


To further protect board documents, members and homeowners are granted unique permissions. This ensures they can only access certain documents specific to them.


Organize Your HOA Documents Online with AR Management

When your board needs to automate and organize its HOA documents online, connect with AR Management. Our management platform—Neighborhood Connections—helps boards manage their documents with ease. Contact us at 973-398-6609 to schedule a consultation

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