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HOA Summer Safety Tips to Protect Homeowners

HOA Summer Safety Tips to Protect Homeowners
  • June 15, 2021
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Summer Safety Tips to Put in Place that Protects the Community

Everyone is excited to get out and enjoy the summer sun, especially after a year of pandemic lockdowns and quarantine. While we understand the enthusiasm, it’s essential to remain mindful of ways to enjoy the weather responsibly. Here are some great summer safety tips for board members to keep the whole community safe, happy, and healthy all season long!

Stay alert and informed

It is important for board members to keep an eye on local events and activities and make sure homeowners are informed of changing community standards post COVID-19. Also, remember to remind the community to stay hydrated when it is hot outside.

Grill Safely

Summer is a great time to have a BBQ, but before anyone fires up the grill, board members should remind homeowners to check their HOA bylaws for rules around the use of grills in their community association. This is because certain HOA’s don’t allow grilling while others do but with restrictions.

Put Your Shoes On

The lovely weather of summertime can make it tempting to run outside barefoot. However, there are plenty of hazards on the ground that can lead to injuring your feet. It’s too easy to miss an errant nail in the grass and end up with an emergency room visit. Board members should remind the community to put their shoes or sandals on when they’re in common areas.

Summer Safety Tips for Maintenance Crews

If your community association has summer vendors such as landscaping crews and maintenance staff, it’s vital your board ensures they’re safe from the summer heat. It is of the utmost importance that they drink lots of water and remember to keep cooling off in hot temperatures. Dehydration and heat stroke are serious dangers, even for people who are typically used to working outside.

Keep the Community Safe for Summer

As a board member, it’s essential you send regular summer safety tips and announcements to the community to ensure everyone remains vigilant, informed, and most importantly, safe for summer.

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