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How to Communicate with an HOA Board of Directors

How to Communicate with an HOA Board of Directors
  • April 13, 2021
  • Blog

How to Communicate with an HOA Board of Directors: Dos and Don’t

Many homeowners typically wonder, “What’s the best process on how to communicate with an HOA board of directors?”

Good communication in an HOA community association relies heavily on how efficiently homeowners and board members respond to each other’s requests, proposals, and ideas. To ensure your community association feels they can efficiently and transparently communicate their needs and wants, we’ve outlined the top dos and don’ts on how to communicate with an HOA board of directors.

Do: Plan for the Communication

Before meeting with the board of directors, it’s essential to plan. Gather any piece of supporting documentation that you may need and collect your thoughts on what you’re going to say.

Do: Communicate Face-to-Face

As a homeowner, it’s vital to ensure your voice is heard. While communication through email or over the phone is a great step to reach the HOA board of directors, face-to-face communication is key if you have a timely manner in need of immediate attention. You can formally set up face-to-face communication through video conferences with a selected time and date or meet in person at a designated spot in the community.

Don’t: Let Personal Feelings Interfere with Professional Matters

The worst thing a homeowner or board member can do is allow their personal feelings to interfere with professional or business matters in an HOA. To achieve effective communication, both the homeowner and the board of directors must speak in a calm, clear, and pleasant manner. This will allow for statements to be heard and efficiently handled.

Do: Present New Opportunities for Growth

When you live in an HOA, you might notice certain aspects of the community that could be improved upon. Homeowners who want to present new opportunities for growth in their HOA can do so by attending board member open meetings. A homeowner will have the ability to connect with their community in a meaningful way and interact with the board of directors. If you want to help the community succeed, joining the board will allow you to shape the community’s future and strengthen your resume.

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