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Becoming an HOA Board Member

Becoming an HOA Board Member
  • March 2, 2021
  • Blog

5 Reasons to Join Your HOA Board

Becoming an HOA board member is a great way to be more active in your community. Depending on what your bylaws state, your HOA board may consist of the HOA officers which are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These positions offer unique attributes, powers, and contributions that benefit the community as a whole.

If you want to become an HOA board member, there are several steps you should take to be well prepared for the position. These steps include:

  • Learning how an HOA operates
  • Being more active in the community
  • Regularly attending open HOA board meetings
  • Reviewing and understanding the HOA’s financial statements
  • Studying and being well versed in the HOA’s governing documents
  • Understanding each board position and knowing which one you are qualified for

When you are well-versed in how an HOA operates, you’ll feel confident in signing up for an HOA board position. And the best part about being a board member is all the benefits it comes with. Here are a five top benefits of being an HOA board member.

1. Protect Your Property Value

One of the primary purposes of the HOA is to protect the overall property value of the homes it serves. If you are interested in safeguarding your investment or increasing your property value, joining the HOA is a very logical place to start.

2. Change the Rules

If you think that the current rules need to be updated, you may want to join the HOA board. You’ll be able to voice your thoughts with the board and vote on any new changes. Doing so can help move the community forward for the better.

3. Great for Your Resume

Being a member of an HOA board looks great on a resume. It says that you can handle responsibility, work well with others, and are viewed by your community as someone who can be trusted in a leadership role. It will also give you a chance to hone your problem-solving skills, which are undoubtedly viewed well by potential employers.

4. Meet New People

Being on the HOA board will push you outside of your comfort zone, and it will give you an excellent opportunity to meet new people and learn lots of new things.

5. Help Your Neighbors

As an HOA board member, you bring your own unique brand of social and interpersonal skills to the table that can benefit the community. You have the ability now to raise the overall standard of living in your HOA and make it a better place to live for everyone.

Join Your HOA Board Today

You may have heard that if you want a job done right, you should do it yourself. Well, that applies here too. If you find yourself often thinking that you can be an asset to your HOA board with new perspectives and ideas, now is the time for you to get involved.

AR Management can help boards with property, fiduciary, and decision management. If your HOA is looking for assistance, contact us today.

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