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Your HOA Summer Amenities Checklist

Your HOA Summer Amenities Checklist

6 Ways To Get Those HOA Summer Amenities Up And Running

The warm weather is in full swing, which means community members in your homeowners association (HOA) are ready to get out and enjoy the wonders of the outdoors. One of the more significant benefits of living in an HOA community is using these communal amenities, which include picnic areas, walking paths, and swimming pools. However, residents can’t enjoy the HOA’s summer amenities if they aren’t ready for use. Before the list of summer projects grows even longer, board members should meet with their property managers to create a summer checklist, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

Prep Your HOA Summer Amenities Today

If your HOA has yet to check off any items on its summer amenities list, now is the time.

Schedule a pool inspection and cleaning.

If your HOA community has a pool, it’s likely the most popular place on a hot summer day. Now is the time to schedule an inspection and cleaning with a local pool maintenance company. Inspections are vital to the longevity of the pool, ensuring that the pool, pump, and equipment are in working order before opening it to the community.

Walk around the property.

Now is also the best time to walk around the property to look for signs of damage to the amenities. Look for items that pose a safety risk to those using these areas. Once you have a list, separate projects into priority and non-priority lists, so the items that need immediate attention don’t get overlooked.

Remove debris.

Due to the harsh elements that come with the winter and spring seasons, debris and damage are sometimes inevitable. Remove debris, including tree branches and leaves. Once cleared, complete a thorough cleaning of your HOA summer amenity areas. Cleaning these areas now shows community members that you care about the appearance and well-being of the community and its members.

Repair any damage to the walking path.

Walking paths are a common amenity in most HOAs today. Most of the time, they are neglected during the colder months, which means they’ll likely need some TLC before summer arrives. Walk along the paths to identify areas that need repairing.

Replace broken equipment.

If community equipment is broken, be sure to have it replaced or repaired before the start of the season. You’ll avoid hearing from a disgruntled community member by fixing it sooner than later.

Schedule a community kickoff event.

Schedule a big kickoff event for all residents to celebrate the opening of your HOA summer amenities for the season. Not only will it be the official kickoff to summer; you can bring neighbors together, help to build connections, and highlight the assets of your HOA.

Summer is one of the busiest seasons of the year for HOAs. If your HOA finds itself struggling to keep up, it may be time to look into a property management company. Call AR Management for more information today!

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