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HOA Community Members 101

HOA Community Members 101
  • September 29, 2020
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A Guide on Key Community Members in an HOA

While there are many benefits to living in an HOA, it’s essential to know who your association’s key community members are. Whether you are brand new to an HOA or you’re a member seeking guidance on who to contact, we’re here to help you identify the who’s who in your community.

Developer, aka Declarant

This person, or group of persons, establishes all the legal documents to operate the HOA community. The developer will remain in control until a certain number of HOA community members have purchased homes.


The builder of the homes in a community is sometimes also the developer or declarant. The builder is the person the homeowners or the board of directors would need to seek out for information regarding the design of a community’s homes and the warranty information of certain items within the home, such as the heating, cooling, and electrical systems.


When purchasing your property in an association, you become a homeowner as HOA membership is mandatory. As a homeowner, you are able to elect a board of directors to serve your community best. All homeowners must follow HOA rules and pay yearly or monthly dues.

Board of Directors

The board members of the community are volunteers serving as the community liaisons and representatives of the homeowners. These individuals are responsible for the success of the association. The board usually consists of a:


An HOA board president is responsible for leading the board and overseeing and handling procedural duties. The board president needs to understand how to run an effective meeting and be knowledgeable about community CC&R’s and governing documents.

Vice President

Like the board president, the board vice president shares similar leadership and procedural duties. Responsibilities include ensuring a smooth flow of business is conducted, and being a well-informed source on bylaws, association rules, and governing documents.


The board treasurer is responsible for the association’s financial records, securities, and funds. This individual will oversee the collection and disbursement of funds, monitor the budget, and report on the association’s financial status throughout the year.


The board secretary is responsible for keeping the board’s official records by maintaining meeting minutes and reviewing and updating official documents. Also, he or she is responsible for ensuring the HOA meets legal documentation requirements.


The board enlists help from the general community by creating committees to oversee certain community activities, such as a welcoming committee to new homebuyers, landscape committee, social event committee, and contract review committee.

Service Providers or Vendors

HOA communities need multiple vendors to help maintain and enhance the community for residents. Although communities vary here and there, most need service providers for:

  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Pool & Spa Services
  • Fire Prevention
  • Restoration & Construction

Property Manager.

Property managers mostly focus on properties and rental units. They also work directly with owners and tenants to ensure their property is well-kept.

Community Management Firm.

The professional community management firm’s primary function is to ensure the policies and regulations the HOA board members implement are carried out. The community management firm will typically help support the accounting, maintenance, and other community efforts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You can always consider the professionals at AR Management for board guidance and support. We can help your HOA with property, financial, and administrative management! Contact us today!

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