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Ideas to Enhance Your Small Home Workspace

Ideas to Enhance Your Small Home Workspace
  • September 18, 2020
  • Blog

Ideas to Enhance Your Small Home Workspace

Article courtesy of Kris Louis of parentingwithkris.com

In the age of COVID-19, working from home is both a blessing and a curse. You can be home with your children — knowing they are safe and well-cared for during the pandemic — but you may also have trouble focusing on your work and staying productive throughout the day. And if you’re living in a small space such as an apartment or townhome, you may find yourself working in your bedroom, living room, or right in the middle of all the action. However, the resources listed below can help to improve the remote work experience — so keep reading!

3 Budget-Friendly Upgrades for Small Spaces

A complete office renovation may be out of the question, but these non-invasive upgrades will help to give your home workspace a much-welcomed boost.

  • Optimize a small living space with creative ideas to maximize your living space. Things like multi-use furniture, strategically placed artwork, and easy-to-reach wall cabinets can help you to make the most out of a small townhome or condo — especially when working remotely.
  • Jazz up boring spaces with removable wallpaper and plank flooring, fresh curtains for your windows, and new covers for overhead lights.
  • Use 3M strips to create a temporary gallery wall in your home office.

Improve Remote Work in a Small Living Space

As a parent with children at home during the pandemic, the remote work experience isn’t ideal. However, these three tips can help to make working in an apartment or townhome much more enjoyable.

  • Strike a healthy balance while working and living in a tiny apartment or townhome by creating a flexible morning routine that you love, keeping your home as tidy as possible, and focusing on the benefits of living in a smaller space — like having everything you need within reach.
  • Use furniture, thick rugs, curtains, and window inserts to block out unwanted noise without physically altering your home or rental.
  • Maximize your lunch break: step outside whenever possible, get a workout in, and socialize with loved ones — either virtually or in-person.

Combat Isolation and Boost Productivity

While you may be surrounded by other tenants who live within your apartment or townhome community, working from home can feel isolating in a time like COVID-19. Combat work-from-home isolation while boosting your remote work productivity with these great tips.

  • Beat loneliness while working remotely with these 10 strategies from the pros at Work-from-Home Depot.
  • Conquer the seemingly impossible: learn how to productively work with kids around during the day.
  • Check out Upwork’s tips and advice on staying productive while working remotely. To get more done when you’re surrounded by distractions at home, things like routines and frequent breaks are crucial.

Working in the same place you’re living and raising a family can be quite a challenge — especially when you’re living in a small apartment or townhome. However, these ideas can help to improve your workspace, mindset, and productivity as you continue to work from home throughout the remainder of COVID-19.

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