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Stay On Top Of Snow Maintenance This Winter!

Stay On Top Of Snow Maintenance This Winter!
  • December 5, 2019
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Snow Maintenance Preparation Tips

Winter is here along with its promise of cold weather, snow, ice, and sleet.  It is recommended that homeowners prepare for snow and bad weather before it arrives. Homeowner associations (HOAs) tend to have guidelines for residents to follow this time of year that promote both resident safety and damage control to community property. Those unfamiliar with the guidelines should request a copy from the association office.

When snow arrives, every member of the community must do their part in community snow maintenance. Guidelines can vary depending on the association, but the following are a good summary of potential expectations.

Steps to Prepare for Snow

Follow the parking rules.

To remove snow efficiently from the communities, homeowners should move cars from the road before the storm arrives. Removing vehicles makes it easier for snowplows to navigate the streets, preventing unnecessary damage to vehicles. It also helps assure snow maintenance crews can remove the majority of the snow, which is a driving hazard to commuters.

Help neighbors new to the community.

Some homeowners may be new to the community and unaware of snow maintenance regulations. Reach out to these individuals to help prepare them for the association’s expectations for snow removal, including what they are responsible for and what the HOA takes care of in the community.

Buy necessary supplies.

In many cases, homeowners have a specific time frame after the snow stops that snow must be removed. Homeowners should review association policies and prepare by purchasing supplies necessary for their role in snow removal. Supplies should include a snow shovel or snowblower, rock salt or sand, and winter weather clothing.

Snow Maintenance Expectations

The HOA takes care of some of the work.

One of the perks of living in an HOA community is they typically take care of the majority of snow removal. In many cases, the HOA hires third-party snow removal companies to assure snow removal is completed quickly and professionally.

Help neighbors in need.

Not every neighbor will be able to get outside quickly to take care of their snow removal. Whether they have young children, are ill, or are not able to do the work, some may need help. Look out for these neighbors and lend a helping hand when possible to keep community relationships positive.

Preparing now for potential winter storms will make them less stressful. If your HOA needs assistance with snow removal guidelines or hiring a service, contact the team at AR Management today!

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