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HOA Advice: Snow Removal Operations

HOA Advice: Snow Removal Operations
  • December 15, 2020
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A Guide on HOA Snow Removal Operations and Procedures

Winter is here, and for many, that means colder weather, which brings ice and snow. Preparing your community in advance for the weather to come can go a long way towards keeping your residents safe and operations running smoothly. The absolute best thing an HOA can do is to create a plan and make residents aware of HOA snow removal policies before the snow starts falling. Here is what to expect from snow removal operations and how homeowners can help create a safe and liability free winter.

Snow Removal Procedures

The removal of snow on primary roads and main driveways in the community will be prioritized during the snowstorm. Snow removal is typically not going to be taken care of until 2 inches have accumulated, and contracted vendors have 24 hours from the end of the storm to finish snow clean up. The HOA’s snow vendor might take care of the roads, and not driveways, or only the roads and sidewalks. It is important to check with your community’s governing documents to stay up to date on snow removal procedures.

How Homeowners Can Help

Homeowners need to know what their responsibilities are when the snow begins to fall. In some communities, HOA rules require residents to remove snow from their sidewalk or driveways for safety, so it will be essential to review your governing documents to understand who is responsible for these areas. Here are some helpful tips to keep homeowners safe.

  • Follow all parking rules for snowstorms.
  • Don’t go out if you don’t have to and be careful if you do.
  • Be patient while the winter storm is cleaned up. Efforts will be taken as quickly as possible to remove the snow.
  • Let management know if there are treacherous conditions like refreezing or broken tree branches and uprooted trees. Vendors will be dispatched to remedy the situation if need be.
  • Be kind to others and help those who need help. This act of good faith is not only the right thing to do, but it helps build a more robust and close-knit community.

Keeping Homeowners Up to Date

Associations need to make sure their community members know what to expect in snowy weather conditions both inside and outside the community. Utilizing frequent communication through various channels such as emails, flyers, community management software, and the community website will keep community members updated and connected throughout the storm. Also, be sure to remind members of emergency plans and parking rules. Ensuring that parking rules are followed will go a long way in making snow removal by vendors more successful.

Don’t get caught off guard this season: have a plan, follow the guidelines, be kind to others, and you will get through this year’s snowstorms without any trouble. If your HOA needs assistance with snow removal guidelines or hiring a service, contact the AR Management team today!

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