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HOA Pet Safety Tips for Summertime

HOA Pet Safety Tips for Summertime
  • June 29, 2021
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Summertime Safety Rules for HOA Pets

Summertime is a great time to remind your community about smart safety tips for their HOA pets, especially during the heat and when so many families are out and about enjoying the sunshine. Here are helpful HOA pet tips to keep everyone and their pets safe and happy this upcoming summer.

Bring Your Pet Inside

In many regions, temperatures can climb to outright dangerous highs in the middle of the afternoon. If you are feeling like it’s too hot after being outside for only a short time, odds are your pet is feeling that way too. Try bringing your pet indoors during the height of the summer sun to keep them out of the hottest temperatures.

Remember How Hot Sidewalks Can Get

With the sun beating down on concrete sidewalks, they can become hot enough to burn the pads on your pet’s paws.

Make Sure There is Plenty of Water

Pets can become dehydrated just as quickly as humans can on a hot day. It is vital to ensure that they have plenty of access to water, whether indoors or out.

Keep Pets Active When Indoors

Extreme, hot weather is a good reason to keep pets inside, but don’t forget that they still need to run and play. Make sure that your pet has plenty of toys and you play with them.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car Unattended

Temperatures in a closed vehicle become hot enough to kill a dog or cat in just minutes during the summer months. It is never ok to leave an animal in your vehicle unattended, even if you crack the windows.

Protect Your Pet from Flea Infestation

Although it is crucial year-round, the warm weather months are typically when your pet will get fleas or ticks. Make sure you visit your vet and keep your pet safe from all types of harmful parasites.

Be Careful Around the Water

Not all animals know how or like to swim. Just like children, it is vital to keep a close eye on your pet when around any body of water.

Fireworks are Not Pet-Friendly

Even though people look forward to fireworks as a summer attraction, pets don’t tend to like them nearly as much. The loud sounds and unfamiliar smells can be very upsetting to your dog or cat. Keep your pet inside during firework displays, and even consider playing soothing music to help cover up the sounds.

Shaving Your Pet Does Not Help

Sometimes, HOA pet owners mistakenly think that a shave or shorter cut will keep their pet cool. The truth is their fur acts as a layer of insulation that helps keep them cool. If their coat is cut too short, your pet may have a more challenging time handling the heat.

Be Careful of Heatstroke

Animals can develop heatstroke, just like people can. It is essential to watch for signs and ensure that your pet does not become overheated in the summer sun.

Ensure Your HOA Pets are Safe This Summer

Summer is an excellent time for all kinds of fun and activities. By following these tips, you’ll keep your furry companion secure for many more years to come. Make sure you and your HOA pets stay safe, hydrated, and cool this summer!

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