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Preparing for an Emergency as an HOA

Preparing for an Emergency as an HOA
  • September 10, 2018
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Things To Do Before an Emergency Occurs

Members of an HOA Board have numerous responsibilities on their plate. Among them is caring for the financial well-being of the association as well as the well-being of community residents. Before getting too deep into other duties, it’s important that board members make sure an emergency procedure is lined up, just in case the unimaginable does occur.

  1. Provide A 24-Hour Emergency Response Line
    When a fire, leak, flood or other emergency occurs, it’s important for homeowners to be able to contact the HOA Board or management company after notifying emergency services if necessary. Having a 24-hour emergency response line allows homeowners to reach an individual who can set the wheels in motion to help mitigate possible damage or help keep residents safe.
  2. Gather Contact Information
    It’s imperative to have up-to-date contact information for each homeowner in the community. When an emergency occurs, contacting individual residents or the entire community may be necessary. Organizing the contact list by residence, not by name allows for quick identification of who needs to be contacted.
  3. Evacuation Route
    If a disaster occurs, having an evacuation route can help keep residents safe. Taking the time to map out the best exit strategy for each building in a community is important. Hanging an optimal evacuation route in communal areas and educating new homeowners when they move in ensures residents are up to date with the emergency plan.
  4. Budget for Disasters
    Some HOA’s are responsible for financially assisting homeowners in the event of a disaster. It’s important to determine these conditions and lay out responsibilities in advance. It is imperative for an HOA to have all insurance required by law or otherwise to be carried and maintained in full force and effect for these circumstances.
  5. Plan For The Unthinkable
    Everything from power outages to natural disasters should be taken into consideration. Just because a certain storm isn’t popular within the area doesn’t mean it will never happen. Board members should spend some time going over the if’s, what’s, and how’s of potential emergencies. You can never be too prepared.

Disasters or emergencies can happen at any moment. For more tips on HOA emergency procedures, contact the team at AR Management today for additional information or a proposal.

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