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Do You Have an HOA Website?

Do You Have an HOA Website?
  • March 27, 2020
  • Blog

How an HOA Website Can Benefit Your Community

People just like you use the internet daily to catch up on the news, communicate with their friends and family, check sports scores, and more. As more people shift to the digital world, it only makes sense for homeowner’s association (HOA) boards to do the same. Building an HOA website is an easy way to create a central online hub of association news, offering several benefits to association communities.

Six Benefits of Having an HOA Website

Deciding to launch an HOA website is only the first step. To do it right, all board members need to understand how it benefits the community, their role, and homeowners. Here are six benefits of having an HOA website and how it could help the well-being of your association.

Reduce unnecessary expenses.

Having a website gives the board a way to communicate with homeowners digitally, reducing the need for mailing and printing newsletters, flyers, announcements, and paying somebody to distribute them on hang announcements throughout the community.

Educate homeowners.

As the HOA website should be used to educate new and existing homeowners, publishing the CC&Rs, rules, and regulations is useful. During certain times of the year, it is also beneficial to highlight some frequently asked questions on the home page about the season. For instance, holiday decorating, snow removal, and visitor parking guidelines.

Increase compliance.

The more residents are aware of rules and regulations, the more likely they are to abide by them. Increased homeowner compliance cuts down on complaints that the board has to review and act upon throughout the year.

Communicate between meetings.

Depending on the website, board members may be able to communicate with one another in between meetings. As new concerns or projects arise, members can post in a private discussion forum, vote, and update one another on where they are with their tasks. This can help keep the HOA running smoothly and cut down on the amount of time spent at meetings each month, increasing board member satisfaction and retention.

Create an online community/watch forum.

Finding a way to encourage community interaction is an excellent way to ensure community members use the website. One avenue to consider is creating an online watch group that lets neighbors post about suspicious activity and missing property, helping to assure community safety.

Cut down on resident inquiries.

Another way to save the board and administrative staff time is to create a frequently asked question (FAQ) section on the website. This allows for a central place to post answers to frequent inquiries. Community member happiness will increase as a result because they can access the information quickly.

While launching an HOA website involves effort and insight from board members, it has the potential to alleviate time-consuming tasks in the long run. For more information on how AR Management can help your association with launching an HOA website, contact our office today!

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