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Conducting a Successful Virtual Board Meeting

Conducting a Successful Virtual Board Meeting
  • April 27, 2020
  • Blog

5 Tips for HOAs When Conducting a Virtual Meeting

While COVID-19 and the resulting executive orders have caused interruptions, there is still essential association business to be handled. One way to continue operations for HOAs is for boards to conduct virtual meetings. Just because this type of meeting is not traditional does not mean it can’t be productive if planned the right way!

Here are 5 great tips for HOA board members to conduct a successful virtual meeting:

  • Choose a mutually agreed upon meeting time. It is important to find a convenient time for all parties of the meeting. Set a strict starting time that is accommodating to everyone and stick to it.
  • Create an agenda and plan ahead. Going into any meeting, virtual or not, it is important to have an agenda at hand of issues or topics relevant to discuss. When a virtual meeting is taking place, this agenda can be a great tool to help all participants stay on topic. Share the agenda ahead of time to the members of the meeting so before it even starts, everyone is on the same page of what needs to be accomplished by the end of the discussion. Planning with members to make sure everyone can partake in the meeting is an important step. Finding the right platform can make a virtual meeting very simple for board members to join. Be sure to explore what will work best for your board.
  • Avoid off-topic distractions and stay on schedule. Like any meeting, it is important to follow a set schedule as closely as possible. The meeting should be started on time and the agenda of topics should be followed to keep everyone focused on the discussion. By following the agenda closely and having an appointed ending time, it will keep everyone engaged in the meeting each step of the way.
  • Create slides to keep on track and a steady pace. It is very easy to get off topic in any meeting, especially one that is conducted virtually. To make sure no one loses interest, it is important to keep momentum going. A visual aid, such as a slideshow outlining the agenda of the meeting, will help to keep interest and follow a steady pace. This will help to keep the focus of all parties and finish the meeting in a timely manner.
  • Discuss feedback and non-agenda items at the end. While making it a point to stay on track during the meeting, the end is a good time to allow for any off-topic questions not related to the agenda. Allowing for all participants to provide feedback and suggestions will help for planning future meetings.

If you’re interested in learning more about virtual meetings and how to successfully conduct a meeting for your HOA board members – contact AR Management today! We have the infrastructure in place to host a virtual meeting of any type for your HOA.

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