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HOA Board Meeting Etiquette [Do’s & Don’ts]

HOA Board Meeting Etiquette [Do’s & Don’ts]
  • January 3, 2022
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6 Tips on Maintaining Proper HOA Board Meeting Etiquette

Holding regular HOA board meetings is essential to ensure your community association operates efficiently. At AR Management, we’re commonly asked by board members, “What’s the right protocol to run a productive and successful meeting?” We’ve found that the answer resides in maintaining professional HOA board meeting etiquette.

If your HOA board of directors is seeking key tips on how to run a successful meeting, here are six factors to keep in mind.

1. Know the Governing Documents

Before the meeting begins, HOA board members must review and understand their governing documents and bylaws. This is because these documents set the tone for how many meetings should be held on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. They also discuss the community association’s policies.

2. Create an Agenda Schedule

Prior to the board meeting, it’s vital to create an agenda and allow homeowners to submit questions. This will help board members prepare responses in advance and keep meetings organized, productive, and and efficient.

3. Attend the Meeting

Nothing is more important than attending the board meeting. By showing up, you demonstrate to your fellow members that you are part of the team and want to help make the community better. As a result, the morale will be increased and the meeting will run more efficiently. Of course, there are instances when you might not be able to attend. If that is the case, it’s vital to notify your board in advance.

4. Keep it to the Point

During the board meeting, members should keep their agenda and statements concise. This helps action items remain a priority and allows members to voice their opinions. It also ensures meetings are held within their allotted time frame. Typically, HOA board meetings last between 60 to 90 minutes.

5. Record Minutes

HOA meeting minutes are an official record of the key actions taken by board members during the meeting. They should always be written as concise, objective, and brief notes instead of lengthy opinions.

Typically, the secretary will record meeting minutes in accordance with the community’s state law and governing documents. After the meeting, members will review the meeting minutes and approve them. Once approved, the secretary will sign them to make it official for homeowners and other important individuals to access and review.

6. Review Board Meeting Rules

While you may be familiar with your community’s board meeting guidelines, new members may be unaware of certain rules. It’s essential to review the rules with all members before the meeting begins. This will help meetings in the future be more productive.

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