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Avoid These Common Board Member Mishaps

Avoid These Common Board Member Mishaps
  • November 10, 2020
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4 Common Board Member Mishaps to Avoid

Serving as a board member of a homeowner’s association can be a fulfilling experience. Many enjoy assisting neighbors, actively volunteering, and learning about their community. However, sometimes board members can take their position too seriously and make mistakes that can leave their community dissatisfied.

Here are the common board member mishaps associations should avoid.

Meetings Held Incorrectly

Board meetings always need to be documented and given timely notice to homeowners. Yet, sometimes board members may become too casual by discussing board business over lunch. The issue that arises is that this could be a violation of association law. To avoid meetings being held incorrectly, board members must clarify what is OK and what isn’t when no official meeting is taking place. That way, business discussions are not brought to light without the proper documentation and timely notice to homeowners.

Neglecting Governing Documents

When a board member neglects to read the associations governing documents, it can cause issues. The board member will unintentionally fail to abide and adequately enforce the declaration and bylaws of the association. Homeowners and other board members in the community will take notice and be displeased.

Mismanaging Association Funds

Spending too much too quickly can leave an association without the necessary financial resources for emergency maintenance and repairs. Board members should manage association funds by considering the long-term instead of the short-term. A community association manager can help guide board members by providing advice throughout the budget review process to ensure work is cost-efficient.

Overconfident Members

Receiving a position as a board member in an association is an exciting moment. However, becoming overexcited may lead to overconfidence in the position. When this happens, big decisions made too quickly will unintentionally impact the community negatively. To avoid a board member becoming too overconfident in their position, they need to speak to the community association manager before making drastic decisions, such as vendor changes. The manager will provide advice about vendor contracts and guidance on community changes.

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