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The HOA Climate as Stay at Home Orders Are Lifted

The HOA Climate as Stay at Home Orders Are Lifted
  • June 19, 2020
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Stay at Home Orders in Your HOA: Why Communication is Essential

With many U.S. states slowly lifting the stay-at-home orders, the ‘same old, same old’ daily routine of going to the office, attending religious services, socializing in bars and restaurants, and getting a haircut are coming back, but with limits. Just as these other services make way for the ‘new’ normal, homeowner association (HOA) boards and property management teams alike need to consider not only the best means of reopening the shared community amenities but also the best way of communicating to residents that it is ‘business as, somewhat, usual.’

Choosing to live as part of an HOA does not mean only sharing in the community comforts and conveniences. Living as part of an organized group of homeowners brings the need for responsible actions, ensuring the value of a stable and safe community continues for current owners and prospective new home buyers.

Reopening as Stay at Home Orders are Lifted

Reopening the shared features of an HOA community, where residents gather together to enjoy swimming in the community pool, playing billiards, or perhaps hitting the gym equipment, should be met with a plan. There are legal and liability criteria; the board of trustees will need to evaluate, address, and determine what is best for the community. The legal aspect of things involves the study and discussion of newly written state laws and policies, renewing vendor contracts, hiring back maintenance workers, criteria for hiring new maintenance workers, and reviewing insurance liability policies.

With the conditions for opening established, the HOA board will need to direct their cleaning personnel to thoroughly disinfect all areas where residents frequent, using CDC approved disinfectants and practices.

Keeping Communication Lines Open

Keeping property owners informed of the process at work in reopening the shared community amenities is essential to bringing the plan into a living reality. The best means of effective communication, adhering to the new ways of social engaging, includes e-mail blasts, as well as utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom to announce when certain activities are scheduled to resume.

Vital to a smooth transition from stay-at-home orders to the ‘new’ normal is a health-conscious mindset. The opening up of trust between property owners, property management, and the board of trustees by effective communication of the step-by-step process is essential. AR Management Company has built its reputation over almost two decades as a successful property management firm by gaining the trust of clients. Contact us today for the information of how to enact a smooth transition to ‘business-as-usual.’

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