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Hiring Outside Expertise For HOA Projects

Hiring Outside Expertise For HOA Projects
  • June 12, 2019
  • Blog

When Is It Time To Bring In The Experts For HOA Projects?

The collaboration of a diverse group of board members is helpful for the seamless operation of a homeowner’s association (HOA). Board members often come from different backgrounds, each bringing their own range of expertise and skills to the community. While board members’ experiences are often helpful, many projects require some assistance from an outside expert as well as facilitation by a property management company.

An HOA board may face a dilemma when projects arise, and the desire to save money sometimes outranks the desire to find the right person for the job. It is vital that members know when it is okay to take on a project themselves and when a professional should be contacted. Property management professionals are a great resource to lean on when determining if an expert should be contacted. As a general rule, an expert (such as an engineer) should always be contacted if:

The project involves structural details.

When it comes to designing buildings and other structures, safety should be the primary concern over saving a few dollars. Hiring professionals in the fields of engineering or architecture is a wise decision. These experts will understand the ins and outs of the structure conception, development, and implementation – not to mention your municipal and permit requirements.

Nobody has the time to do the project right.

Even if board members have the necessary skills, it doesn’t mean they have the time or manpower to start and complete an HOA project. Before moving forward with a lead board member, discuss the pros and cons. Does the individual have a good reputation for delivering on promises? Do they struggle to make board meetings and other commitments? If they have a history of struggling with time management or completing projects, hiring an expert is the better option.

Nobody on the board has any experience.

Board members should be honest with themselves and other board members. Do they have sufficient experience to complete a project on time, within budget, and most importantly, do they carry the right knowledge and skill set?

Licenses are required to complete the work.

Some trades require contractors to have licenses in order to offer their services. If nobody on the board has a required license, you should utilize a contractor that does.

You’ve already tried and hit a roadblock.

Too often, board members begin projects and discover halfway through the process that it wasn’t as easy as they initially thought. The real problem is that they won’t admit that they didn’t have the skills needed to begin with. HOA projects will see better results the earlier you acknowledge that help is needed.

AR Management Company assists HOAs with finding the right experts for the communities they manage as well as a wealth of project management experience. Reach out to us today and see how we can help your HOA!

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