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Property Management Best Practice: Preventative Maintenance

Property Management Best Practice: Preventative Maintenance
  • November 6, 2018
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Proactive Maintenance Planning Can Save Time and Money

While it is important for an HOA or condo community to make sure payments are received on time, bills are paid and owner inquiries are responded to, it is also crucial to have a preventative property maintenance plan for the community. Preventative maintenance is a major aspect of a proactive approach to property management.

Check out these preventative property maintenance best practices that AR Management uses to save associations both time and money.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections can go a long way in keeping a community running effectively and minimizing expenses. Our property managers schedule routine inspections throughout the year to check common areas and identify any potential fixes that need to occur, hopefully before the issue gets worse or more expensive. If the manager spots something that needs attention, he or she will also be able to provide a recommendation or plan of action to remedy the issue.

Regular Cleanings

Depending on the type of amenities and common areas a community offers, there will be varying levels and types of cleaning necessary. Our property managers can identify what cleaning is necessary and provide a recommendation to the Board for proper upkeep. For example, carpet cleaning should be done annually at a minimum to uphold its warranty as well as manage wear and tear. Gutter cleaning is another example as they need to be cleaned out one to two times per year to avoid clogs that could lead to costly water damage.

Equipment Service

If your community has amenities like a clubhouse, a common hallway or perhaps a common heating system, there is likely some kind of equipment that require preventative maintenance. Rather than a Board worrying about this, our property managers can handle the management and oversight to ensure items like common HVAC systems are maintained to increase their lifespan and avoid costly replacements.

AR Management is a property management company that assists condominiums and homeowners associations with ongoing property maintenance. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.

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