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Governance on HOA Political Signs & Demonstrations

Governance on HOA Political Signs & Demonstrations
  • October 13, 2020
  • Blog

Regulations on HOA Political Signs and Demonstrations

Few issues elicit as much emotion as politics – especially during election season. Political discussions can add fuel to the fire when neighborhoods begin to display political advertisements of opposing affiliations. Dealing with political signage in your community is an issue that must be approached with sensitivity.

As we gear up for November elections, it may be worthwhile for HOA boards to address the issue of political signs or remind residents of current regulations on the topic. It is recommended that homeowners associations opt for regulations on political signs and demonstrations rather than a complete restriction. As a resident in an HOA, it is important that you know the rules of your community. The following are examples of some common-sense regulations that can preserve the common unity in a collective HOA planned community:

  • Placing a limit on the size of HOA political signs. No banners over balconies or political flags flying from flagpoles.
  • Limiting the location of signs to the window of the homeowner’s residence, not on front lawns or front doors, community light poles, community bulletin boards, or community meeting rooms.
  • Limiting the number of political signs a homeowner can post to one.
  • Limiting the timeframe for posting political signs of candidate preference to two weeks before and two weeks after the actual election.
  • Prohibiting car loudspeakers expressing a preference for a political candidate.
  • Barring all door-to-door, phone, or e-mail campaign canvassing of election material or soliciting campaign donations from neighbors.

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