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HOA Responsibility for Maintenance

HOA Responsibility for Maintenance
  • December 8, 2020
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Breaking Down HOA Responsibility for Maintenance

What exactly is an HOA responsible for when it comes to maintenance? Most HOA governing documents and rules and regulations are very clear about which responsibilities belong to which parties.

Generally speaking, homeowners are responsible for their homes’ interior, windows and doors, and outside personal property. The HOA, on the other hand, is usually accountable for common areas. These may include green spaces, amenities, or community buildings. In condominiums and townhouses, things such as patios or chimneys are usually the residents’ responsibility to maintain, while the HOA’s responsibility is to repair or replace.

When it comes to maintenance, here are some of the typical areas and items to be considered “common” and therefore fall under the umbrella of HOA responsibility.

Community Pools

Pool upkeep and plumbing related to the pool and the maintenance of the property where the pool is located, are the responsibility of an HOA. This will also include any maintenance and cleaning of bathrooms, showers, and dressing rooms inside the pool building or clubhouse.


Maintaining the integrity of gym equipment and machines and cleaning bathrooms, saunas, showers, locker rooms, and lobbies inside the gym building are to be done by an HOA.

Gazebos & Playgrounds

An HOA is in charge of gazebos and playgrounds located within common areas by ensuring their structure, surfaces, and base are structurally sound and the area is kept clean.

Common Areas of Shared Buildings in Condominium and Townhouse Properties

An HOA is responsible for cleaning and maintaining common areas inside shared buildings such as lobbies, public restrooms, hallways, and stairways.

It is worth noting that should a resident, a guest, or a pet break any items in the common area or do any damage to it, it is still the responsibility of the HOA to repair the area and replace the broken item. However, it is reasonable for the HOA to bill the resident responsible for the damage in this situation.

Again, keep in mind these are just generalities. Every HOA is different, and owners should ensure they are educated on maintenance responsibilities in your community. If your HOA is in need of property management, financial management, and administrative services contact the experts at AR Management today!

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