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Bring Your HOA Community Together All in One Place

Bring Your HOA Community Together All in One Place
  • July 13, 2021
  • Blog

How Neighborhood Connections Brings an HOA Community Together

One of the most important aspects of being a board member is bringing your HOA community together. The most efficient and transparent way to increase connection between boards and homeowners is to implement an online management platform where users can follow day-to-day operations and access necessary documentation with ease.

Neighborhood Connections does all of this and more. Learn how AR Management’s proprietary and patent-pending platform benefits your HOA board and community.

The Benefits of Neighborhood Connections for HOA’s

Improves Operational Efficiency

As a board member, managing your community can be a challenge. Each day, lists of maintenance requests, payments, and work orders can pile up that all require immediate attention.

To help streamline the long documentation trail, Neighborhood Connections allows an HOA board to create its own community portal to automate documents, receive payments, and work orders all in one place. This allows the board to establish business continuity and improve efficiency to meet deadlines on time.

Simplifies Communication Between Boards and Homeowners

Boards that communicate transparently and efficiently with homeowners help bring their HOA community together. Neighborhood Connections allow boards to publish announcements to the “My Community” bulletin board and send text and email communications to homeowners or specific groups. Also, the online management platform lets homeowners access specific documentation that is unique to their user credentials and submit service requests.

Brings the HOA Community Together

HOA boards can bring their community together all under one roof with Neighborhood Connections. The platform helps boards establish business continuity, improve communication, and increase transparency throughout their community. This results in greater trust being built between board members and homeowners.

Increase Communication and Transparency with Your Community

Want to bring your HOA community together? Connect with AR Management to schedule a consultation and request a free demo of Neighborhood Connections today.

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