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How to Cool Down Without AC

How to Cool Down Without AC
  • August 28, 2020
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4 Ideas on How to Cool Down Without AC

Air conditioning was the brainchild of Willis Carrier, a 25-year-old engineer from NY, in 1902. The original purpose was to control the humidity in a printing plant where he was working. The general public reaped the benefits on Memorial Day, 1925, when Carrier’s invention became the real ‘star performer’ at the Rivoli Theater in Times Square — providing movie patrons climate-controlled cinema comfort!

When summer temps are especially intense, it is the natural inclination to stay indoors and allow the window air conditioner or central air conditioning system, to hum a continual ‘cool’ sound! Nevertheless, there is also truth to the adage; ‘too much of a good thing is not always good.’ Improperly maintained AC filters are the cause of allergies and respiratory illnesses, and excessive AC can bring intolerance to outside heat.

In the interest of helping homeowners achieve a balance between enjoying a climate-controlled environment and lowering energy costs, AR Management is providing some great ideas on how to cool down without AC!

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

Check your attic

The first tip of how to cool down without AC starts with a look at the attic. Attic temperatures can get to be 100 degrees or more, with such heat seeping into your home’s living quarters. When the attic heat is contained with proper insulation and adequate ventilation, less heat from the attic will infiltrate your living area.

Keep the sun out

Keep the house dark and cool with blinds, curtains, or possibly reflective window panels that deflect the sun.

Keep your body cool

Another means of how to cool down without AC is to keep one’s body temperature cool. Ditch the heavy denim and non-breathable cotton attire. Avoid eating ‘heavy’ cooked meals that heat the house with the stove. Instead, opt for light summer meals of salad greens, fruit salads, and cold veggie platters. Cold drinks and sugar-free ice pops provide cool refreshment — but ‘best’ is pure water, free of caffeine, sugar, and artificial additives.

Using ceiling fans to your advantage

Use fans to their best advantage to circulate the air across the body and evaporate body sweat, bringing a feeling of coolness! If the outside is cooler than inside the house, create a cross breeze by placing a fan opposite an open window to pull in a breeze. Another option is to place a box fan facing out at night to act as an exhaust fan pulling hot air from the house, bringing in the cooler night air. Set the ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise, cooling the rising heat in the room.

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