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Your HOAs Spring Landscaping Guide

Your HOAs Spring Landscaping Guide

The Ultimate Checklist For Spring Landscaping

Spring has officially arrived! The sounds of birds chirping, blossoming flowers, and trees budding can only mean one thing – warmer weather. It’s also the perfect time of year for your HOA to get a head start on landscaping projects.

In some communities, a landscaper is responsible for maintaining the grounds throughout the entire community. In others, they might just care for common areas and individual owners are responsible for their own lot. Either way, our spring landscape checklist outlines what you can do or what may already be in the works for your community!

Spring Landscape Checklist

Conduct a thorough inspection.

Before beginning a spring landscaping project, start by identifying areas which need attention. Winter months are some of the roughest on your landscape. Walk around and look for areas which pose a safety risk, along with areas that need some extra care.

Remove debris.

Winter and spring can bring in high winds or excessive moisture that can cause damage to trees, shrubs, and bushes. Remove debris from the yard including sticks, branches, or leaves, checking trees to see if any low hanging branches need removal as well.

Remove dead plants.

Not all plants and shrubs will survive the cold weather. Take the time to remove any dead or dying plants to make room for new ones. Not only do they put a damper on the community’s appearance, but they can also become a home for unwanted pests.

Remove weeds.

It is safe to say that after a few months, there are some unwanted weeds in flower beds, gardens, and even in cracks of the parking lot or sidewalks. It is best to remove these before planting, allowing new plants to grow and thrive.

Add mulch to flower beds.

Mulch is a valuable component to add to flower beds and around trees because it helps to control the soil’s temperature. It is advised to add a one to two-inch layer of mulch in these areas to help minimize weeds and aid in root growth.

Plant new flowers and shrubs.

Once the flower beds are cleaned out, it is time to plant new flowers and shrubs. Consider the area on the property before choosing what to plant. Does the area get direct sunlight or is it highly shaded? How much resident or guest traffic does the area get? If you want to plant something new each year, look for annuals. If you’re looking to cut down on how much planting is required each year, perennials are a great option because you can enjoy them year after year.

Consider a lawn care program.

Depending on the amount of grass that needs treating and mowing, lawn care professionals may be the best option to provide the right care. Professional lawn care services conduct soil tests and create customized programs to properly treat the lawn throughout the season, preventing weeds and pests from taking over.

Have the sprinkler system checked.

With the heat of the summer sun, watering the grass can become a necessity for homeowners and HOAs. Creating a beautiful green landscape can help improve the curb appeal of your community. The sprinkler systems should be checked annually before beginning the daily watering schedule.

Repair uneven ground.

Uneven ground or holes in the yard can cause difficulty with mowing, create poor yard drainage, as well as increase the risk of falls. Repair rough spots by adding new earth to fill and level out areas with excessive ground.

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