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The Rules of an HOA Newsletter

The Rules of an HOA Newsletter
  • April 22, 2020
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5 Ways to Create More Effective HOA Newsletters

Writing an HOA newsletter is an effective way to communicate with board members and homeowners. Filling the newsletter with rules and regulations is surely not going to attract homeowners to read it. You want to ensure there’s a nice mix of content that is informative, relevant, and friendly. It should be helpful to the readers above all else.

Here are five essential ways to create an effective HOA newsletter:

  • Audience. You have to understand and know who your audience is to structure the newsletter appropriately. Different generations and individuals at different life stages are going to be intrigued by different writing styles and content. Knowing who is reading the newsletter will help you structure it so that they don’t just throw it out. It is also important that you can represent the voice of all the HOA board members.
  • Language. Be sure to use basic language that is not filled with a lot of technical wording and jargon. An HOA newsletter should be direct and concise to keep the attention of the reader. They must be able to understand what they are reading.
  • People. Thanking people by name is an excellent portion to have in a newsletter that readers appreciate. Also, providing a list of board members and their positions is helpful for the homeowner, so they can put a face to a name.
  • Direct. It is sometimes easy when writing a newsletter to fill it with fluff. If you have a certain number of things you want to cover, cover them, but don’t feel like you have to add extra things to make it longer. Keep it simple and to the point when possible.
  • Photos & Infographics. Utilizing photos and infographics throughout the HOA newsletter is something that the readers will enjoy. This is especially the case when mentioning people by name and possibly providing photos of the community in action. An infographic is a great way to communicate lengthier information or instruction in an easy to read manner.

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