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Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist 2020

Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist 2020
  • March 6, 2020
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8 Spring-Cleaning Musts For Your Home

Every season brings a new set of tasks to tackle, and spring, with its promise of renewal and growth, is no different. Now that spring has arrived, many homeowners use this season to deep clean their houses and get rid of items they no longer need, want, or use. True spring cleaning requires work, but the feeling of accomplishment that comes afterward is worth it.

Eight steps to the ultimate spring clean

Conducting a deep clean in the spring is a great way to make sure you have time to enjoy the beautiful weather on the horizon. Here are eight steps to tackle this year’s big clean.

Wash walls and ceilings.

You may not notice, but over time, walls and ceilings can acquire dust and cobwebs. Starting in the corners of each room, use a vacuum to remove cobwebs and dust from walls and ceilings. Afterward, wipe the walls and ceiling free of dirt. In the kitchen, a degreaser may be necessary to cut through the cooking grease that travels through the air.

Shampoo carpets and rugs.

Whether you take your shoes off or not when you enter the home, there is likely a lot of dirt and grime that has found its way into the carpet and rugs. Steam-clean your carpets this time of year to remove pollen and dirt that found its way inside. Shampooing carpets can help cut down on allergy symptoms as well.

Wash windows.

Windows should be washed inside and out on a cloudy day, so the cleaner doesn’t dry too quickly and create streaks. Screens should also be removed, cleaned, and rinsed to get rid of any dirt build-up.

Clean out sliding door tracks.

Homeowners with sliding glass doors should clean out the tracks this time of year. As dirt and grime build-up, it could cause them to catch and lift from its track. Start with warm water and a brush to loosen the dirt, finishing with a quick vacuum.

Clear the shelves.

While many homeowners dust throughout the year, it is rare that they move everything off the of the shelves to clean it thoroughly. Spring cleaning is a great time to dust all shelves in the home, along with the figurines, pictures, and books that sit on them.

Polish furniture and floors.

Make your house sparkle this year by polishing wood and stainless surfaces after they have been wiped clean of dirt.

Clean curtains.

Pick a nice day to remove curtains from the wall and run them through a gentle cycle in your washing machine, then hang them to dry. Without your knowledge, dirt, grease, and dust can build-up on top of the curtains.

Clean the ignored items.

Don’t forget to move appliances and large items to clean and sweep away dirt behind them. This not only eliminates dirt, but it also helps appliances run more efficiently and safely.

Spring is the season of renewal. If your HOA is looking for a fresh start this year by working with a property management company, contact AR Management today!

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