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Prepping for Guest Parking During the Holidays

Prepping for Guest Parking During the Holidays
  • November 3, 2020
  • Blog

Feel Confident About Guest Parking this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many communities struggle to manage guest parking. To accommodate your guests, it’s essential to know where they can and can’t park. Homeowners should follow these parking tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday season.

Association Regulations on Guest Parking

The community’s governing documents commonly give the board the authority to control unassigned parking spaces. The board has the ability to prohibit parking on the lawn, in an emergency zone, in front of a fire hydrant, or anywhere that blocks a sidewalk.

Homeowners should tell guests where the designated areas are located to park. Doing so will help unclog the roadways and maintain the look of the association.

Long-term Parking

The community’s parking lot is not a vehicle storage facility, so guests should not leave their vehicles parked there for long periods. This can become an issue if a homeowner or guest leaves a car parked over the community specified time limit.

All vehicles should be required to be fully operational with current registration and tags. An HOA that has this rule in place helps discourage residents and their guests from abandoning non-working cars on the property. Suppose the community you belong to allows for long-term vehicle storage of fully operational vehicles. In that case, homeowners should leave car keys with the association, a family member, or a trusted friend.

Give Guests Fair Warning

It’s always a good idea to give everyone a fair warning of where to and where not to park. This allows guests the ability to park without having the worry of their car being towed or ticketed. An HOA community should post signs during the holiday season to spread the word on where the designated areas to park are located.

Guest parking during the holiday season can be a challenge. An HOA and its homeowners need to put in the effort to give guests fair warning on where to park, as setting proper parking rules will enhance the community. If your HOA requires board guidance and support, consider the professionals at AR Management. We can help your HOA with property, financial, and administrative management. Contact us today!

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