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8 Benefits To HOA Community Living

8 Benefits To HOA Community Living
  • September 3, 2018
  • Blog

Why You Should Consider Living in an HOA Community

When it’s time to buy a new home or condo, chances are you will look at properties in neighborhoods with homeowner’s associations. Choosing a home in one of these neighborhoods with a well managed HOA comes with significant benefits that make community living easier.

Before deciding to buy a property in an HOA community, it is essential to do some due diligence ahead of time by researching rules, regulations, and included amenities. No two homeowners associations run the same way. Here are eight benefits of an HOA.

  1. More time to enjoy life
    With fewer property owner responsibilities like writing checks, mowing, and landscaping to worry about, community members get more time to simply enjoy their life.
  2. Higher quality living
    In addition to homeowners having to follow certain rules for property appearance, the HOA does the same for the overall community. They make updates to common areas, keep the streets maintained, and fix any damage to walkways to enjoy a better quality of living.
  3. Maintain or increase property values
    Since homeowners must receive approval for any changes to the appearance of the home, property values in the community are protected. These guidelines establish rules for how a property must look at all times and keep homeowners from making choices that impact every house on the street.
  4. Responsible for less maintenance
    Another great benefit to HOA community living is not needing to mow, worry about landscaping, or plan on shoveling sidewalks. This type of maintenance is typically included in the monthly HOA fee.
  5. Access to community amenities
    Ever dreamed of having a pool, but don’t want to worry about the ongoing maintenance that comes with owning one? Or do you wish you lived closer to a fitness center? These are both common amenities along with picnic areas and playgrounds found in communities run by an HOA. As a resident of the community, benefit from full access to these without having to worry about any of the upkeep.
  6. Increased sense of community
    HOA communities often have more social activities and a greater sense of community. Having a strong sense of community makes it more enjoyable to live in these neighborhoods.
  7. Fewer utilities to pay monthly
    Some HOAs include trash, sewer, water, and recycling in their fees.
  8. Mediator for neighborhood disputes
    Sadly, neighbors don’t always get along. If there is a dispute with another resident, the HOA will act as a mediator, reviewing each party’s case and make an unbiased decision on the outcome. Decisions are made based on governing documents and established HOA rules and regulations.

If you already live in an HOA community, then you understand the benefits of an HOA. If you’re an active board member or volunteer that wants to learn more about hiring a property manager to streamline the day-to-day activities, contact AR Management today for additional information or a proposal.

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