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Safe Vehicle Practices In Your HOA

Safe Vehicle Practices In Your HOA
  • June 19, 2019
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Implementing Safe Vehicle Practices in Your HOA

One of the many reasons that residents commonly choose to live in a condominium or homeowner’s association is because of the promise of community living and the peace of mind that comes with that. While speeding is an ongoing concern on major roads and highways across the United States, these days it is also a concern in residential areas and neighborhoods. Not only is speeding against the law, but it also puts the lives of pedestrians and community members at risk. Implementing safe vehicle practices is one way to minimize risk and prevent accidents from occurring.

Implement These Safe Vehicle Practices

HOA’s can set guidelines and regulations to limit certain activities and aid in the creation of more appropriate cultural practices. Today, it is vital that HOAs implement measures and expectations for driving within the community.

Install signs to deter speeding.

Speed limit signs take the guessing out of what is an acceptable speed on residential streets. In addition, HOAs can also install signs that say, “Children Playing,” “Bus Stop,” or even cutout signs of children to help caution drivers realize what, or who is at risk.

Add speed deterrents to streets.

Speed bumps, rumble strips, and speed cushions are a great way to minimize speeding because drivers can’t speed without causing damage to their vehicle. Contact the local municipality to inquire about any regulations for installation and see if they have a recommended vendor to assist the HOA.

Connect with local law enforcement.

Some HOAs have local law enforcement patrolling their neighborhood during high traffic hours when speeding is more prevalent. These times include when schools are dismissed for the day, during the morning commute, and later in the evening as workers return home. Having a law enforcement officer patrolling the area is often enough to slow down speeders.

Use speed detection equipment.

Oftentimes, drivers tend to zone out and don’t even realize they are speeding. Electronic speed detection equipment notifies drivers what speed they are going while behind the wheel. Sometimes, seeing the actual speed detector is enough to help deter a driver from speeding in the first place.

Create a communication strategy.

In many cases, those speeding are also residents in the community. It is important to make residents aware of reports and concerns regarding speeding, educating them on the importance of slowing down to keep everybody safe.

Fine violators.

If HOAs have the means and are allowed to fine violators, they may choose to go that route. Drivers are less likely to take the risk if they have to pay fines or have points added to their driving record.

If your HOA is looking for assistance with safe vehicle practices or any other property management guidance, contact AR Management today!

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