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Simple Security Precautions For Condo Living

Simple Security Precautions For Condo Living
  • February 5, 2019
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Stay Safe With These Condo Security Tips

Whether you are new to living in a condominium community or have lived in one for years, security is vital to safe and comfortable living. Living in a condo community can be different than living in a single-family home because you don’t always control who is invited on to the property. While a condo community may offer security features, such as cameras in public areas or community gates, investing time in security is still important for all homeowners.

Here are six tips to improve home security to help keep you safe.

Lock Doors and Windows

Always lock the doors and windows to your home and vehicles. Even if the community is gated or the building is locked, intruders can find their way inside with enough patience. For residents that live on the first floor, it is a good idea to close blinds and curtains when you are not home so personal belongings can’t be seen by passersby.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Not only does building relationships with your neighbors make it a more enjoyable place to live, but it also increases security. The more neighbors become acquainted, the more they’ll know each other’s schedules, permitting the ability to second guess delivery trucks visits, etc. to your home.

Close Common Doors

In some condo communities, there are common doors that require a key, card, or punch code to enter. Make sure these doors are always closed and relocked before walking away to prevent unwanted guests from entering when your head is turned.

Don’t Use Common Areas Alone

Laundry rooms, gyms, and pools are a great benefit but visiting these areas when nobody else is around can potentially be more dangerous. Try to schedule time using common areas with other family members or neighbors instead to reduce risk.

Keep Management Notified

Burnt out lights, broken windows, and broken doors may not seem like a big deal, but they make it easier for criminals to gain access. Notify board members or the property manager of anything that needs to be fixed so it can be addressed in a timely manner.

Don’t Publicize Your Full Name

Identity theft is another security risk you can mitigate. Take precaution with your mailbox and call button, labeling it with initials instead of full names. Also, try to avoid letting mail or packages sit out overnight.

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