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How to Improve HOA Board Transparency in Your Community

How to Improve HOA Board Transparency in Your Community

5 Steps to Improve HOA Board Transparency with Homeowners

HOA board transparency is vital to build a strong relationship between board members and homeowners. Even though not all issues can be communicated, being honest with homeowners about what’s happening and how it impacts them is key.

To improve HOA board transparency with homeowners, here are five helpful steps you should implement.

1. Respond to Homeowners

As a board member, it’s important you help establish the tone for all future interactions between homeowners. If a homeowner feels that they’re ignored, your community may suffer. Board members must communicate to residents in a positive, coherent, and professional voice and be willing to listen with an open ear.

2. Open Meetings are Vital

Homeowners who feel left out of decisions and updates will think negatively of the community. To ensure residents feel involved and included, an HOA must hold open meetings for everyone to participate in. This will allow board members to update residents on annual fees and where the money is going. Also, they’ll be able to find out how their community is doing overall and if any changes are coming up. Residents can voice their thoughts and participate in a vote.

3. Stay Professional & Collected

There’s nothing worse than being unprofessional. It can lead to unhappy homeowners and a negative view of the community.

Board members must remain professional and collected in all circumstances when communicating with homeowners and vendors.

4. Establish an HOA Communication Network

The best way to ensure homeowners and board members are on the same page is to establish an HOA communication network. A communication network is a reliable and efficient way to communicate news and the latest happenings in the community to residents, board members, and managers. The management company will ensure important information is distributed in a timely manner through multiple communication channels including phone calls, text messages, and email blasts.

5. Provide Timely Updates

Board members must never delay on informing residents about updates in the community. Updates can be given to residents through email newsletters, social media, and on the community website.

Create Effective Communication with AR Management

Effective HOA board transparency and communication is the key to a positive HOA community. If you’re community needs reliable, professional, and transparent communication services, reach out to AR Management today!

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