HOA Management Services for NJ Community Associations
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HOA Management Services for NJ Community Associations

HOA Management Services for NJ Community Associations
  • October 1, 2021
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4 HOA Management Services that Maximize Homeowner Lifestyles

 As a board member in a community association, there are many day-to-day responsibilities that need to be accomplished. If you’ve found your HOA isn’t running as efficiently as it could, partnering with an HOA management company like AR Management may be right for you.


A professional management company brings extensive experience and technologies and services to community associations and boards. They partner with board members to ensure HOAs are managed effectively, and homeowner lifestyles are maximized.


Let’s look at four HOA management services a management company brings to community associations.


Property Management

Property management is a key service offered by an HOA management company. They inspect every property on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure common areas are well maintained, maintenance requests are handled,  and work orders are completed.


Financial Management

 Managing the finances of an HOA is a vital task that should never be overlooked. An HOA management company provides boards with financial planning, reporting, and forecasting to ensure their operating budgets and reserve funds are healthy and managed efficiently.


Additionally, an HOA management company monitors the associations insurance policies, collects and deposits monthly fees, and provides banking, cash management, and investment services.


Administrative Services

An HOA management company handles various day-to-day administrative responsibilities and provides guidance, assistance, and support to boards in areas such as:

  • Advisement
  • Customer service
  • Communications
  • Reporting


HOA Management Platform   

To help boards streamline processes and increase transparency, a management company like AR Management will offer boards advanced technologies to utilize that ensure their HOA is effectively managed. An all-inclusive advanced technology offered to boards is an HOA management platform. Within the platform, boards can manage documents, accounting and financials, and activities all in one place. They’ll also be able to create announcements and publish calendar updates for homeowners to see. This furthers transparency and business continuity in the community.


Professional Management Services for Community Associations  

AR Management works closely with HOA boards to ensure their goals are achieved and homeowner lifestyles are maximized. Contact us today to schedule a consultation online or by calling us at 973-398-6609.

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