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Your HOA Outdoor Amenities 2020

Your HOA Outdoor Amenities 2020
  • June 26, 2020
  • Blog

5 Tips to Improve Your HOA’s Outdoor Amenities

A well-planned landscape of shrubs, bushes, and colorful flowers along stone garden walls, with grass upon neighborhood entry, around the in-ground pool, and clubhouse, always neatly trimmed with few, if any, weeds are a beautiful thing. Such perfection does take work and thoughtful planning! The good news, it is all a shared expense and experience paid collectively by those who buy a home in a planned HOA community.

The benefit of such a planned neighborhood of individual homes, condos, or townhouses is neighborhood stability and greater financial security in the personal investment of a home.

Refining the already established perfection of an HOA community is about focusing on the details.

Here are Five Tips for Improving a Community’s Outdoor Amenities!

Elegant Welcome Sign

The neatly trimmed, lush green grass at the entrance to a community can undoubtedly be a source of HOA homeowner pride. Enhance that pride by displaying the community name, set between natural stone or brick masonry. Such will speak volumes of sparing no expense of detail-minded maintenance.

Topiary Design

Enhance the natural shrubs and bushes surrounding a community’s entrance-way with some creative topiary design.

Specialty Lighting

The ease of finding streets at night is an impressive detail to both homeowners and visitors. Street signs should be of a reflective lettering or illuminated with artificial lighting. Consider installing a muted colored lighting to enhance outdoor community features and colorful flowers at night. For safety and security, there should be ample street lamps bright enough to light the sidewalk, pathways, and roadways while also fitting the community’s architectural style.

Low Maintenance Amenities

Little things mean a lot, especially with regards to touching up peeling or faded paint on the clubhouse trim, the wooden bridge and rails, wrought iron fencing, and faded striping in the parking lot. Keep parking lot and parking lot striping crisp and sharp by seal coating the lot to protect the asphalt from the sun’s U.V. rays.

Easy Assistance for the Disabled

Keep disabled visitors and property owners in mind with wide automated entry doors to the association offices and clubhouse, and update restroom and pool shower faucet fixtures to turn on by sensor when hands are placed under faucet or shower-head.

If you’re looking for more tips in keeping your outdoor amenities safe and inviting, contact AR Management Company!

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