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How Often Should HOA Board Meetings Be?

How Often Should HOA Board Meetings Be?
  • January 27, 2020
  • Blog

The Case for Holding Regular HOA Board Meetings

A board of directors plays a vital role in whether or not a homeowner’s association (HOA) runs efficiently and effectively. This group of individuals is responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the overall community and its members. While most individuals dread the idea of adding more to their already over-scheduled plate, HOA board meetings are an important way an association keeps moving forward.

Associations that are unsure if they need to hold monthly HOA board meetings or are considering lessening the number of meetings should first check the association by-laws for mandated requirements. In addition to following the regulations, board members may also want to consider the benefits of consistent meetings.

Not as big of a time commitment.

Most board members will agree that the best meetings are short and productive. Holding HOA board meetings monthly or every other month results in shorter meeting times because there are consistent agenda items to discuss and fewer issues that can pile up versus meeting quarterly or bi-annually.

Timeliness of addressing issues.

In addition to less time invested per meeting, items being discussed are also more relevant and handled in a timely fashion. This is especially vital when issues arise where homeowners need to receive notifications about upcoming changes or warnings about rules they have violated. In many cases, bylaws restrict action until certain obligations have been met.

Increased homeowner engagement.

When meetings are held each month, community members are more likely to attend and participate because they can plan for it. Having homeowners present for the meetings can build trust amongst the community because they can actively see the work and dedication of board members.

Stay on track to meet deadlines.

Some months the board will discuss regular topics and other months they may need to discuss bigger projects, including special assessments or property improvement initiatives. By meeting regularly, the board is more likely to have the time to review updates to projects as well as stay on track to achieve and make decisions on pending projects.

Improved communication and culture.

Finally, consistent HOA board meetings improve communication and culture within an HOA. Not only because more community members are involved but also because the board is actively listening and discussing issues as they arise, giving ample notice of changes

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