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HOA Neighborhood Driving

HOA Neighborhood Driving
  • July 24, 2020
  • Blog

Maintaining Safe Vehicle Measures in Your HOA Neighborhood This Summer

A planned community of condos, townhouses, or single-unit homes is often referred to as a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). In our recent blog, the Benefits of HOA Living, we explain the benefits of choosing to purchase a home in such a planned community. And when it came to setting the rules and obligations for being a homeowner in such planned community living, we divulged the Role of an HOA Management Company.

Owning of a home in an HOA neighborhood requires an understanding that along with enjoying the community amenities and the benefits of common area maintenance, residents are obligated to be responsible community citizens. For example, responsible driving, whether in an age-restricted retirement community or community of various ages, is necessary and should be communicated. Responsible driving in an HOA community is vital to maintaining a safe and enjoyable neighborhood.

Some of the reliable vehicle measures to keep in mind

Obeying Posted Speed Limits

When living in an HOA neighborhood, the rules of the ‘outside world’ may be forgotten by some. Consequently, it can be easy to forget that road rules, such as speed limits and directional signals, still apply, even in the confines of an HOA community. Remember, there is a responsibility to the safety of neighbors, with whom you share the amenities and perks of the association!

Avoiding Texting and Talking While Driving

This safety tip should be well understood but bears repeating — responsible drivers always keep their focus on the road ahead of them, in or out of an HOA community. You can always set the example of responsible driving by turning off or silencing your cell phone while behind the wheel!

Staying Centered in a Parking Space

If your HOA neighborhood is one where there is only assigned parking spaces in front of the condo or townhouse, rather than a personal driveway, make a conscious effort to stay centered between the lines of that space, avoiding the unintentional ‘fender bender’ when maneuvering your car into or out of the tight space.

Using Directional Signals

Living in an HOA neighborhood community with only a few streets may make signaling when turning left or right seem superfluous. However, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) cites one in five car accidents in the U.S. is due to drivers neglecting to inform other drivers of their intention to turn. Signal courtesy to your HOA neighbors by remembering to use your vehicle’s directional indicators.

Making Full Stop at All Corners

The tendency of merely ‘slowing and going’ at corners in an HOA community where housing and vehicle traffic is limited can be high. Be conscious not only of oncoming cars, but tykes on trikes, bouncing balls and children, joggers ‘tuned in’ to headsets, the folks who walk as they talk on cell phones, and the neighborhood dog or cat who may have gotten loose from the leash.

AR Management is a full-service property management company that helps guide the operations of HOA communities. If your HOA could use a hand – contact us today!

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