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HOA Holiday Decorations: What’s Allowed?

HOA Holiday Decorations: What’s Allowed?
  • December 7, 2021
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5 Guidelines to Follow on HOA Holiday Decorations

The holiday season is here, and now is a great time to decorate the exterior of your home. For homeowners living in an HOA, it’s essential to check your governing documents to see which HOA holiday decorations are allowed to be displayed. In some cases, local ordinances will restrict specific holiday displays like noisy decorations and bright lights. That’s why it’s imperative to review your HOA’s holiday decoration policies before putting up your festive lights and wreaths.

To help HOA boards establish holiday decoration policies for their community, consider the following guidelines.

Noise Level

Everyone loves listening to holiday music, but sometimes it can become a nuisance when taken too far. An HOA board should consider rules surrounding noisy decorations and determine whether they are acceptable to be displayed. If your board allows homeowners to display singing Santa’s or an outdoor light and sound system, make sure to set a rule that they can only be turned on during certain times. This will ensure homeowners aren’t disrupted and can enjoy their residence in peace.


For an HOA to maintain its curb appeal during the holiday celebrations, it’s vital to establish a policy on the size of decorations. This tells homeowners what they can or can’t display. Also, it makes certain displays are safely installed, so other homeowners won’t get injured.


The last thing your HOA board needs is unsafe decorations mounted on a home’s roof or exterior. That’s why it’s crucial to set a policy regarding where homeowners can place decorations on the home. Limiting decorating to the door, outdoor railing, windows, and porch lets your homeowners display their festive spirit within a controlled environment.


Holiday decorations should be pleasing to look at and non-offensive. Creating a policy about decoration decency is vital to ensure no inappropriate displays are put up during the holiday season.


Many HOAs set a timeline of when homeowners can display holiday decorations. The most common rule is that lights, wreaths, and other merry trimmings can go up 30 days before Christmas but must be taken down two weeks afterward.

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If you’re an HOA board member seeking guidance in HOA community management, trust AR Management to help you through the holiday season and beyond. For more information, request a proposal for your HOA today!

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